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May 28, 2010


Private Space

what's the real story. you don't shoot yourself because you have a problem breathing.


This world has gone crazy! There's no telling what psychological damage this woman has caused to her 9 yr old daughter. What a coward!!!


Holy moly,

I have been coughing for two weeks since I got a new cardiac defibrillator. Maybe I should unload my guns, or at least keep them out of the car.

I would hate to shoot myself in front of my dogs. Well, I would hate to shoot myself at all.

Too soon?

well she was travelling to Oklahoma, so you can't really blame her.


This is sad. There is obviously a lot more to this story and the woman was clearly having mental and/or emotional problems.

I can only hope your death creates a news blurb that others can make jokes and sick comments about. And maybe your family can read them.

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