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May 21, 2010


AL Johnson

This type of posing is nothing new. Back in '66-'67 my husband and I were eating dinner and my husband saw a young soldier, in uniform, wearing a Sgt's strips on his sleeve and a Major's gold leaf on his shoulders. When the kid went to the restroom, my husband followed him, showed his own military ID (he was an Army Capt at the time), and explained to the kid the error of his ways. Kid was only trying to impress his date...he had told her he was a Sgt-Maj.

Rev. Earl L. Griggs, Sr.

With in the last week there has been two imposters that has slipped through, because some one didn't follow through, first the over age so call high school basketball ball player, and now on a more serious matter the Marine that never was. As a former Recruiter all documentation of the person applying to join, had to be double checked and verified, before the swearing in was completed. It is clear that this is a good way for Spies to enter our Military and work from the inside to do great harm. This is also a sign of numbers is more important than facts.

Travis from Texas

I think that it is a shame that a person would pose as a member of our great military . The fact that our men and women are out there every day putting thier lives on the line earning the stripes and the right to put on and PROUDLY wear our uniform and a person wants to just say that they are in to reap the benifits or impress someone is a shame.I was in the Army for (8) years of my life and I PROUDLY served my country not so I could get a pat on the back or anything from anyone but because I wanted to serve this great country and I think that if you are claiming to have served and never did that you should be put in a quick run boot camp,put in boots,and shipped over so you can do what you claim to have done.


i hate when people do this. i am in the marines and am stationed in 29 palms and i get mad when i see guys walking around in cammies. imagine what would happen if i had seen this!

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