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June 30, 2010



I Respect Police Officer,s & no we need them. But They are acting Like we are in some Third World Country or Somthing.what ever Happend to shooting The suspect in the Leg.Maybe Thats Why That Guy in Dallas shot the officer.Becouse People Don,t Trust Them Anymore.


You pull a knife on a cop you deserve to be shot.


Pull a weapon on an officer and should should expect it.


Don, this is one of the most idiotic Internet comments I've ever seen, and your competition is pretty stiff. There's a difference between "no" and "know". Don't capitalize "third world country". In general, learn to spell and write, or don't write. More to the point, even an 87 year old is a danger to herself and others when she's threatening someone with a kitchen knife. Obviously, officers make mistakes sometimes and some officers need to lose their jobs. This doesn't sound like one of those cases. If you don't want to get shot or stunned, don't get yourself into a high tension altercation with the police. That seems pretty simple and straightforward. If you want to hang on to your knuckle-dragging, concrete bound-mentality, go ahead. Maybe someday a police officer will get the opportunity to straighten you out for good.

What's the World Coming to?

Do you hear yourself???!!! You imply that it's OK to shoot the officer. It's not the wild west anymore. People don't trust officers? How about the other way around? Violent offenders are always putting everyone else in harm's way. No wonder cops don't trust the public! Oh yes: shooting granny in the leg would have been a LOT safer. She could have sewed for a million then when they severed an artery, damamged her bones, or crippled her for life.


No, that guy in Dallas shot the officer because he was high on PCP.


Don, did you miss the part about the knife??? So is it okay to wield a weapon as long as you're over a certain age?

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Yes, I agree to this blog that the parent should educate their kids at the early stage of their life. So that they can easily adapt themselves when they are ready to go to school. It must be not the high end one, but at least a kid can do anything to it to learn basics.

stun guns

I knew this guy in police that dont how to use the stun guns correctly and lead to the accident.

stun gun

Stun gun is rather dangerous! Last week my neighbor bought stun gun and one night a stealer was attack by him throught stun gun, then the stealer was sent to the hospital, Luckly, the stealer was safety. So be careful and not used stun gun on students or other people.

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