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June 30, 2010



Seems that while this may not be intentional or directly "targetting" City Hall that this report should make be in our nation's headlines.
I really don't think the general poputlation understand the seriousness along our Southern border. Heaven forbid anybody getting hurt by this sort of situation but I don't think it could have come much closer to doing just that. Is that what it's going to take to get a National headline?
I am very sorry that our Federal government won't step in to do their job. How could they have prevented this? I believe that we could put so much pressure on Mexican government that they would have no choice but to completely clean up their side of the border! If not then we should with troops. If that means Mexico feels "invaded" tell them to wear our shoes and see what it feels like to be "invaded" for decades.


Those rounds could of just as easily hit a vehicle on I-10 that goes within a few hundred yards of Juarez while winding it's way through El Paso...a chilling thought that you might get shot in the US from Mexican Gang war shots!!!

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