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June 29, 2010



...And they wonder why we want tighter border security. How long before Mexican gangs start assassinating U.S. politicians?

Amerikan Patriot

If the cartels get established on this side of the border and we start seeing corruption and local officials, police and/or politicians taking bribes then assassinations of those who don't want to go along with the "program" are sure to follow! Not only will the assassinations start but we will also be witness to the gruesome violence now occurring in Mexico! I don't think we as a nation are ready for mass killings of our law enforcement personnel, along with kidnappings and beheadings! I can't imagine what would happen if in our towns and cities if severed heads started turning up on the doorsteps of City Hall or were rolled out onto the dance floor of your favorite watering hole? Mutilated bodies hung from bridges, massacres of teenagers or senior citizens for no reason except to incite terror! Celebrities are not even immune to this violence if they sing the wrong song or speak out against these souless ghouls! We need to change our drug policy in such a way as to cut the financial incentive out from under the cartels since the only other means to accomplish this would be for the drug users to stop using which will never happen in our lifetimes! We need to clamp down on the border right now and vigorously prosecute the cartels on the border to keep this "plague" from coming here!

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