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July 12, 2010





so they just let him go

Rusty White

So let me get this right, our public servants are taking working peoples vehicles and towing and impounding them for no insurance. This clown had 2 million dollars in cash, and they let him walk away or drive away??? So the money was all they were after?? Surely there is more information missing to this story, RIGHT?

If the war on drugs is working, why are we still hearing about these large drug and money bust time after time???

There Has To Be A Better Way!


This just shows how important the trucking industry is to our country, railcars and container ships are even more important. The driver of the truck is probably a dead man once his employer finds out about his loss.

Notch Johnson

Now hold on just a minute here. I'm certain I put $4 million in the truck.

John Briggs

It is not illegal to have money but of course it's suspected to be proceeds of drug related activites. In this type of case, the money is seized and held pending a property hearing. Since the driver said it was not his then the real owner must show ownership at the court hearing. If he doesnt show up, the money is forfeited to the State. If he does show then the the State can return it but with an IRS & DEA investigator handling the return. If you claim it then you better show where you paid the taxes. The truck driver will now be flagged in the DEA system as a mule or runner.

Leta Ensey

So did DPS keep the money and let the man go? Your story was unclear!

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