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July 30, 2010


Notch Johnson

Looks like the "safe house" wasn't so safe after all.

Rusty White

Is it not strange all we are hearing is " ANOTHER " top drug lord KILLED??? I can't believe NOBODY ELSE died too? But hey this is " ANOTHER " time you can put away your faith, this was a drug demon that needed to die I'm sure we all have the " ALMIGHTIES " blessing, right! But hey at least we the American taxpayer will not have to foot the bill for MILLIONS to bring him here for a mock trial and then pay to house him forever, right! Sadly he was replaced before his body hit the ground, FACT! But that is ok, it just means job security for those fighting this KNOWN 40 year failure of a policy. How long do we keep going down the wrong path?

There Has To Be A Better Way!

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