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August 31, 2010



I was just in mexico .....thats scary

Cathy McNew

This is becoming a problem and I hope Texas takes it seriously! We need to do something with this border. This would be just as if my neighbor were broke into and held hostage or killed. I would want to be proactive in approaching that situation. I understand the media does not want to scare people, but this is news worthy. There are things happening on a daily basis. I really don't feel Texans are aware of the seriousness of the cartel in Mexico.


And our idiot president is suing Arizona for trying to defend itself from these invaders.

I'm scared too. The governor should deploy the National Guard along the border and refuse to send them to Iraq or Afghanistan as long as Obama refuses to protect us Texans.

Carol Johnson

Post #3 Are you stupid of what the governor can not do anything he is not the president. You are soooooooo dumb.

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