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August 26, 2010



Fortunately, this guy hasn't had anything to do with Brown Hand Centers in awhile - my doctors there were amazing but they were clear this guy wasn't around anymore. Now I know why.


If this guy hasn't had anything to do with the clinic in a while, why is he trying to be the face of the clinic and reminding everyone that he personally trained the doctors?

Clearly he is still running the show to some extent. What other reason would there be to allow him to prance around on TV purporting to be the epitome of what he is not? Marketing disaster waiting to happen.



Are you pleased with your surgery?



Ummm...He owns the place and he is in all their commercials. Sounds like he's pretty involved to me.

Alberto Knox

Jerry Guerkoff in Grand Prairie fixed me right up. Tony Brentlinger in Arlington is a rock star too.

I would Never go to a Dr or clinic that advertised on TV. Get a recommendation from someone or find a guy that has his own practice. With corporate clinics w/ many docs you never know who you will get or his qualifications.

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