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August 26, 2010


Don Daboub

I am an employee of a TV network in Denver, Colorado. I am disgusted by what just happened in Tamaulipas, Mexico. I believe that it is the media's responsibility to show the entire US population how many people are being killed for the short term pleasure of drugs. Why are we not making this top and center in the US. The US population is fueling these killings. There are plenty of superb advertising companies in the US that would create pro-bono campaigns linking cocaine to a bullet in someones head. Furthermore, I suggest we should legalize drugs. If somone chooses to kill himself/herself using drugs, let them do it! Just like alcohol, its a family's responsibilty to educate their children. I am sorry to say, this country is sinking faster than the Titanic.

Tom Smith

Immigrants stand up and say no. AWESOME!

We have 15 million illegals in this country who should go home and stand up for change.

bart simpson

please put up a giant wall to keep all these crazy murders out. when was the last time americans killed 72 other americans?


Nothing to see hear, safest border in twenty years. says BarryS on national TV, what a complete moron he and his minion dems. are.


What kind of Animals are south of the border? Let me say this, when you can murder 72 human beings like your out cutting your lawn and humans are no more to you than a blade of grass then
you no longer have the right to breath
the same air as the rest of the human race! There is a "Special Place in Hell" for these paople!


We are spending hundreds of billions of dollars trying to build lawful societies in Iraq and Afghanistan. It would be better spent trying to help Mexico be a better place for its own citizens. We have taken our eye off of the ball.

Who cares

To answer Bart simpson's question I believed the last time was the Oklahoma bombing, and not to mention the last couple of incidents where more than ten people are killed by a sinlgle person here in the U.S


It's heartbreaking how these people, who sacrifice so much to come to this country have such a horrible fate. I'm sick and tired of hearing racist comments. Americans who say "stay out of our country" or that all illegal immigrants are criminals or stupid remarks like that make me sick To my stomach. These people who think like this don't know what it's like to live in poverty, they don't know what it's like to struggle every day just to put a meal on their families table. So when things like this happen, it should make you, stop and think about what we all have in this country. and think twice before we open our mouths and judge.

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