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September 28, 2010



In regards to the information of the Ponder man. I truly understand freedom of speech. This truly answers my questions as to why newpapers are going out of business they never have the full story or even concerned as to how it hurts the family that was left behind. Until you walk in man shoes and know the whole truth of the story you should make false allegations as was done in this story

Melissa Rush

I am the widow of William Donald Rush. I am VERY, VERY angry at the story that you have "assembled" about my husband. You know, it's VERY true about not always BELIEVING what you read. Especially when the story does not have the ALL THE FACTS. It's really SAD when a newspaper only REPOTS things they think will get a negative REACTION from readers.
My husband was a good man, I know that for a fact. Did you ever stop to think he was just AFRAID of being railroaded like SO many other people can attest to ? Unlike many people who are in and out of jail their whole lives, he was SCARED of it! He was SCARED of being in jail for years and years for something he SHOULD NOT have been accused of. The ONLY mistake he made was offering his father a place to live not knowing when he came HE WAS HELL BENT ON DYING, one way or another.


I just do not understand how someone could stand by and do nothing while someone that they (according to his wife) loved starved to death. Maybe if the Ponder "man" had reached out for help - both he and his father would be alive today. A "good man" would have done something besides ignore human decency.

In other words... no sympathy will come from me!

Tara Reed

Funny, I knew Bill as well...I actually wrote the writer of the article a lengthy e-mail, telling him he forgot to add on the article that Bill was innocent until proven guilty & that I never thought even for a second that he was guilty, esp. after I graduated nursing school, Bill told me that his father was combative & non-compliant with wishes for showering & he refused to eat anything Bill cooked... Even as nurses, who are Licensed to take care of people like this, we are NOT allowed to force them to do ANYTHING they refuse to I believe the charges were bogus in the 1st place... I also told them that they had some of their facts wrong about his death, yet he edited the article to ad 1 quote from the ADA, but seemed to forget to edit the wrong information, this is bad reporting, I gave 2 full days for this article to be edited or even an e-mail response, but I've received nothing...very disapointed in this...

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