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October 05, 2010


Disenchanted Journo

This disproves arguments that we can't try some terror, but not all, suspects in traditional federal courts. It's time people start paying attention to the problems and examine the logical options. -


This is complete and utter B.S.!!! This guy is as guilty as our CIA Trained Osama Bin Laden. He will get lost in the system and will end up enjoying a long life on a beach some where with all of the money that our shadow governments gave him to stage this terror histeria...The government is trying to create fear in the majority of the public so the will give up their civil liberties for security!! Wake up people!!!!


It's people like Patriot4America that make me sick, I wish less people like you existed, spouting out bs you have no knowledge about and further proving a point about how retarded the citizens in our country are.


Alex4Life, If you actually did research you would know what I say is the truth. Unfortunately, your a "Sheeple" a Sheep people, or a Zombie....You recieve all your information from mainstream media without actually doing the hard stuff "RESEARCH"! It's a war on your mind....and your losing apparently!

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