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November 30, 2010



Lets bring the troops home and put them in Mexico. It is HIGH time we do something about the war in Mexico. It will work it's way north of the border. I applauded this brave woman for taking on the bandits in Mexico. It is outregeous that this couregeous young woman has been murdered and yet nothing is being done in Mexico!!

Mathew Mena

I agree. Mexico is in need of help from the U.S. Military. It's a shame our country has not done more to help OUR NEIGHBOR!!! Most of all the muders in Mexico are committed because the U.S. has such a high demand of DRUGS!!! What would Jesus do?

Mathew Mena

I wish our Government would help Haiti with their garbage problem. Please, ask your local politicians to help.


Hermila Garcia made a choice to make a differance for her community. To protect it. To make it safe. And for it she died alone.
This is too fri**in sad!


If you think that sending troops into Mexico will make a difference you are more than likely wrong. Look back at the history of mexico and you will see that they certainly haven't been able to clean up their own mess and no we are not helping by our lax immigration laws. Colombia clenaed their drug cartels up without our troops it is time for Mexico to stand up and clean up their mess for themselves and their people and it is time for them to stop blaming everyone else.

El Cochiloco

Colombia had help from US special forces by tracking down Pablo Escobar who later particpated in his assassination, learn your American history, us Mexicans seem to know it better than some of you so called Americans!!!


The US is selling the Cartels all the guns and ammo.. You can't drive to the store and buy guns in Mexico like u can here in the US... Our US government lets the cartels collect millions then comes in and steals it we see it in the news all the time. Its good business for the US all the law enforcement grants. Pretend to fight a war on drugs for 50 years and nothing has changed, but the prices have gone up.

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