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November 30, 2010


Bobby McDowell

I think that guy should have gotten beatean with a shovel and the five years in prison. That was a defenseless calf that had no chance whatso ever. whats this world coming to when a human who is supposed to be the smartest animal on earth beats other animals to death over a STUPID football game. Im a football fan but have never thought of beateing my 2 dogs because my team lost a game.

another mouth

Animals aren't defenseless unless they are restrained.

That calf could've ran, kicked or butted back. Just like your dogs could bite you.

I'm not condoning what he did. It was stupid. But calling animals defenseless is equally as stupid.


A Calf is a baby and is defenseless you moron. Just like a baby. Humans can kick, hit and bite also.

Arrogant people continually put themselves above all life.

Tsk tsk

Jan Taylor

This is absolutely appalling. I hope this guy gets the maximum punishment the law allows. And it still won't be enough.

Alan Porter

If beating a calf to death gets you 5 years,what should beating a baby rat to death get you?


While this was a heinous act, is prison the solution. I mean come on, is this what we have become as a society. Putting a man in prison for five years for killing a cow when we slaughter thousands every day for hamburger. What happen to the punishment fitting the crime, justice tempered with compassion. The tax payer will be burdened with room and board for this man for the next five years. Unbelievable!


It is a baby calf!!! It can't defend itself yet. What is also disturbing is people standing around and watching this man kill a living creature?? What have we become?


uh hello, the man had a shovel!!! what part of that is fair?? it would have served him right if the poor little calf had kicked him...I promise you I would have kicked him if I had been there. The scum bag should suffer the same way the calf did.


Its not human!! Its not cool, but this person needs some help. He has to have mental problems to do something so stupid. Prison time is just going to make this man more crazy... 5 Yrs is way to much time... In them 5 yrs the owners of the prison will be making a lot of money, by not rehabilitating inmates or even trying to do so..

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