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December 21, 2010



something tells me the wife to be and the best man were caught in the act...


Surprise? Could we go further and argue that the groom had a premeditated agenda which he intended to carry out whether it surprised or not. The fact that he raised the question of surprise hints at some complicit behavior on his part where love, attention and valor were perhaps manufactured concepts on his part in order to orchestrate his agenda.

Then there is always the possibility that the groom observed, believed, witnessed or suspected complicit amorous behavior between the best man and the bride to be...

Tom Sullivan

Might as well get it over with, huh?


Yeah right, "the fact that he had hidden the gun in his father's pickup truck, showed the killings were premeditated and not a crime of passion". I guess the Best Man was in fact the Best Man.

Notch Johnson

It beat the alternative, marriage.


Praise Jesus!


Wow! How horrible. Sounds like there is a whole lot more to the story since it was premeditated.

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