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January 27, 2011



It is with great sadness I as an American one of several generations of Texans watch what we have let those in our government do to Mexico and other countries around the world.

We have let those in our government manipulate, bully, and bribe other countries in to following a known failure of a policy, fact! That policy is the known failure called the war on drugs. A policy “ no one “ can defend nor justify using only truth, facts, reality, history, common sense and logic!

As we witness other countries sacrificing their sons and daughters “ we “ are not without blame. Yet we as a people continue to let fear mongering and BS become laws and enforcement that feeds upon our “ OWN “, WHY?

When will we seek a path that can stand on it’s own honesty and merits not one based on hype, false information and manipulated figures and history ? The whole world is watching, and one day the truth “ will “ come out, what will we say then. “ Oops “ sorry we forced you to followed our known failure???

For to long we have let those with self serving bigoted agendas use fear and manipulation to influence our laws, NO MORE!

Here is a clue : those before us would “ never “ accept fear and manipulated BS as justification for any laws, PERIOD!

Fear is “ not “ an American trait nor value, and it dam* well shouldn’t be used to make our laws!


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