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January 13, 2011



He should have been arrested. He should also be charged with all the charges they can find to fit his case including his authority figure used in a crime.
They then should start working their way up the chain of command to include arrests and charges against everyone and anyone who is not enforcing the immigration law to the best of his or her ability.


He broke the law and should be prosecuted. Sentence should be doubled since he was a law enforcment officer.

Mike K

HE was harboring "undocument(ed) immigrants today.
Dam dude, he was harboring illegals yesterday, Maybe this guy needs to hang from the gallows.

Texas Republic

He and pop should pay the cost the illegal aliens have incurred to the citizens of the United Sates of America. He should lose all benefits and serve about 15yrs in Federal Prison. Sock it to ‘em baby!!!!

Not a hypocrite

He should be given the sentence he deserves but illegals have not caused us citizens of the US to suffer. We don't mind when they are building our big houses,trimming our lawn,cleaning our house,babysitting our kids,repairing our roads, and dying while building our bridges (all for less than minimum wage). The US needs them to do the jobs we "citizens" are to good to do!

Survivor of a border town

This is how they do it in Mexico. The bad guys pretend to be the good guys and infiltrate the system to do their crimes right under the bosses nose. Then they hire their friends who also do the same thing and before to long we are like Mexico and cannot trust the officials. So glad they caught this guy! And hire someone without ties to Mexico!


I'm so tired of out dated laws and restrictions. Conservatives gripe about spending unless it is to oppress someone. ANYONE really, as long as there is someone else to take the blame and be made the villain, for situations created by the very people that are complaining. Rapist and child molesters and rapist are walking the streets because we need to room for drug offenders. Meanwhile they grab a bottle of vodka on the way home and pop any of a number of happy pills, marketed by drug companies. As long as there are ridiculous laws on the books, there will be corruption among humans, that prefer to lead there own lives by making non-government sanctioned personal choices.

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