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January 21, 2011


Pat Penisten

Though she showed no mercy, should we be the same. If she has shown remorse, rehabilitation and a resolve to help others, should she not be looked at with mercy? Or are we as merciless today.


She has been shown mercy. She was originally sentenced to death.

She should be so lucky to be breathing. Her seven victims have no such luck.


She would not have to worry about serving more than forty years in Texas more than likely. This is an exact case for why the death penalty is still appropriate for some crimes.


I have mixed feelings. I guess you're both right somehow. I do think Manson should have been executed long ago. I saw one of those girls that was convicted, I don't remember which one, interviewed on TV a couple of years ago and I felt sorry for her. She seemed truly remorseful. I'm guessing others who have committed similar crimes that weren't on TV so much have been paroled by now. Why not this woman? Or could she ever get by out of prison? She has been locked up since she was a teenager.


Some crime demand life in prison if not death. This is one. It is great she as made as much of herself as she has. While finishing her true sentence let her use her talents to help those where she is. After death she can complete her sentence at the hands of God...


She is lucky to be breathing and should have been executed a long time ago like her idiot leader. Neither she nor any of the Manson clan deserve leniency. They sure didn't show any to their victims.

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