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January 28, 2011



This is shallow and Cheesy

dr oral pavlor, dirctor

perhaps the woman was mentally unstable BEFORE her confinement and the husband was merely protecting her from an inefficient mental health system. lets not jump to conclusions and always defend a victim who may in reality be the criminal. lets get tough on crime, TEXAS! dr pavlov


Dr. Pavlor sounds like a quack. Even if she was mentally troubled before her imprisonment - yes imprisonment - he should have committed her to an institution that could offer help "doctor", not took it upon himself to be her judge and jury - since you mentioned crime.

Notch Johnson

All I want to know is, did it work? I mean did it shut her up?

TJ Harrell

Dr. Pavlov mabe you should move to Brazil and live in confinement for 16 years becuase obviously you are already mentaly unstable.

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