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January 27, 2011



Your headline is completly incorrect. The town is not gripped with fear. Some people are afraid, but the town is not afraid.
The 'suspect' is north of the only bridge across the Alsea river into Waldport, and crossing the bridge into town unseen is impossible!
This is a small community of a few thousand people. This is a hunting and fishing community, people here own guns and know how to use them.
Care and prudence by the authorities with regards to the public is being taken. The police station is next to the only high school. The kids are safe. There are so many police in and around town that the only thing to worry about is a traffic ticket.
The suspect is supposedly across the river in Bayshore or Sandpiper. There are about 1000 homes in the area and about 70% of those homes are unoccupied. The area only has full occupancy in the summertime.

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