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February 16, 2011


Don't be fooled

Gee he knew he had done wrong (apologized and asked for forgiveness), according to mommy dearest and the ambulance chaser he was retarded. I am thinking only retarded ones are mommy dearest and ambulance chaser


Sweet revenge! Gotta love it in Texas! Oh yeah. Two more scum sucking, lowlife useless dirtbags are worm food.

Martha Guizar

I do not believe in executions but what they did was so wrong. I just hope there other ways of punishment to those people.


Justice served.


There is no other way to punish these type of people. They expect mercy but never show mercy to their victims. In order to stop this madness, death penalty needs to be utilized more, and make the death penalty open to the public. Go back to courthouse hangings. Let these killers and animals see what will happen when they rape, molest and kill children, women and those that cannot help themselves.


"OTHER WAYS"??? not by my tax dollars


You may not believe in the death penalty and think its inhuman to humans but guess what...someone who tortures and kills a mental challenged teen is really NO longer human. He is worse then an animal.

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