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February 21, 2011



Narco terrorism and Islamofascism is making big moves in Mexico and moving in on America. Obama is of course oblivious.



FEAR,FEAR, HATE, HATE is that all you got to spew? I bet money Obama is just as concerned for his family and country as you claim to be. How sad one would use this miserable situation to take a cheap shot at our President!
Here is a clue for ya, Mexico wasn’t having all this trouble and killings “ UNTIL “ we the USA manipulate it and bullied it in to following our failed policy known as the war on drugs! Because of our demands and money and support much of the blood spilt in Mexico is on our hands too! We turned a neighboring country in to a war zone for our own and known failure of a policy, FACT!

I’ll bet you approve of using drones in other countries WITHOUT that countries permission, correct? So if this is true, then you would have no problem with Mexico send drones over here to kill “ suspected “ drug dealers, right? The innocent people kill would just be the price we have to pay for safety just like with the Pakistanis, right?

Is there any wonder why people and countries around the world hate our guts!

Robert Fuhr

I guess the old adage, as long as it's not in my back yard I'm not concerned. Will we as Americans better wake up, it's a new day and it's possible, the mess in Mexico could make it's presence known in the United Stats. There are now a lot of ares's in the cities of America that are just as dangerous as any neighborhood in Ciudad/Juarez. We as Americans continually turn a blind eye on ourselves and perceive our lesser's, this being Mexico, as the problem. NO we are the problem, we continue to offer limited help while maintaining a constant market for the very product they are killing each other over.Lets reverse this policy stop the trafficking in the U.S. and take a more pro-active course in Mexico thereby ending the money wasted on both sides in this futile attempt at the drug war.


@ Dc, I dont care who hates our guts the drugs have to be stopped from crossing our borders.


If Obama (or any other politician) is concerned about this situation as you say then they would do something about our open border. There has been more people killed in Mexico this year than in the Egyptian riots yet we leave our borders wide open. Obama and any other politician deserves and has more than earned the "cheap shot".

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