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March 18, 2011


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While this is truely a sad event, does anybody else see the " agenda " some have on here? 3 of the 4 crime post were about those that abused alcohol? Yet nothing is " ever " said about the true numbers of the " millions " who drink and harm NO ONE! How many times have we heard on the the news " possibly " alcohol related? Yet NEVER have we seen any news media come back and correct their agenda when it is PROVEN not to be alcohol related, because it doesn't fit their agenda, FACT!

For those interested in some truth


Was my comment " to real " for your fake journalistic integrity? By not posting it you have shown your TRUE colors sad at best! Don’t claim it was the link, YOU let links to MADD on here all the time, FACT!

deputy claims

The police should be more strict about this.And the laws should be more strict regarding this.

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