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March 09, 2011


George McCasland

These cases are not uncommon. We had a similar case here in Missouri, in which the woman cut the baby from the mother's belly. And, there have been others of it around the country. I just finished an advisory site for teen boys about how females will often go to extremes to get pregnant, even using semen after oral sex, and using a self insemination kit, but people laugh it off that no woman would go to such an extreme to have a baby. Well, tell that to Dr. Richard O. Phillips of Illinois, who was ordered in 2005 to pay child support after only having oral sex with a woman. If a woman is willing to kill a friend to do this, they would be willing to do anything.


Agreed. What a mental disorder these people have to go to such extremes as murder just to have a child. My God, people are mental, and I'm sure that somewhere down the line in the future Toruga, would endup like a Susan Smith, and go to extremes to get rid of children. I know that's unfair, but it's my OPINION only.

Notch Johnson

Uhhh, that's not a friend.


This story is poorly written. It doesn't tell very much. Did she actuall do something or did she just plan it? How did they find out about it? One can assume since 18 yrs old are involved the prep told someone and the police stopped it before anything occurred.

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