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March 03, 2011



Let's see if the westboro boys show up telling the family that god killed their loved ones.


My thoughts and prayers are with the victims.


Sad Story


Wow, last night there were posts on the main article asking why the FWST was not posting a pic of the actor. Another noted that although they list the persons race in other crimes they failed to do so in this one. Now those posts were removed and one can no longer comment on the article. I guess freedom of speech is only for the paper not its readers. SHAME ON YOU FWST AND YOUR YELLOW JOURNALISM!


Let's see if the outstanding pillars of the community in stop six go to Arlington and protest the murder of not just a white person but a preacher!


Yes Al, that is correct. The 1st Amendment does not effect how someone chooses to edit THEIR web site. If you want to exercise YOUR freedoms start your own blog.


This has to be the most horrendous tragedies, in a church building. This is when the preacher at that church had to endure suffication by his attackers. And that was very close to my family and I. We, also live in arlington, tx. And from what I gather. The attackers was laughing, when being interviewed. To me that is, So unlike something a Texan would do. It's horrable, to say the lest. I used to walk to school and to church when I was growing up. And it never even crossed my mind that someone would do something like this. And I know that my parents never thought that there would come a time when a preacher was'nt safe in his on church. I know, if I was growing up in these days, that there would be no walking to church or school. I will be praying for the families of the victims. You know I bet that when the preacher or the secretary walked out of their door at their homes, they probably never thought that, they would not return home. That's very sad. And the problems we're having in Lybia, It makes me wonder. What's this world coming to. Signed: confused

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