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March 30, 2011



lets hope the schools learn of this and cancel the acceptances and scholarships.


I'll wager her acceptance and scholarships may be withdrawn--pretty sure some of those charges are in violation of the universities' honor codes. Surely even the Canterbury School in Ft. Myers doesn't need money badly enough to keep a student with her temperament. Of course she might not be a paying customer there either.

I can only hope she isn't typical of the individuals selected for admission to our Ivy League schools. Cluck cluck.

I'm being way harsh here--perhaps she'll grow up to be our first woman President.


Judge not least yea be judge.He who is without sin cast the first stone.

Notch Johnson

If you're going to pistol-whip someone for a car, at least get a new one.


This mother is a fool not to press charges. What she did is so very wrong. She will hurt or kill someone some day if she doesn't get what she wants. I hope this mother gets this girl help because she really needs it, a lot of mental help.

Thomas Danna

This girl doesnt deserve a car, a gun or even good drugs. She deserves a scholorship to a maximum security prison and her mother needs psyciatric help. one of the greatest problems with our current society is a lack of parenting skills and the inability or will to dicipline our children....this story is a prime example of that....nobody wins here

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