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March 10, 2011



Now that's alittle to much.I work with junior high kids. Times can be very stressful, but cussing come on now is a bit much to press charges.

Ann Martin

The student was warned by the teacher and then the student dared the teacher. If the teacher let her get away with it, then she loses authority and control of the class.
The student has no one to blame but herself and has obvious anger issues that she needs to address.


It starts at home...children are a direct reflection of their parents...


The teacher did the right thing. The student needs to be suspended. The teacher need to keep control of a class to teach. Notify the parents of the childs behavior immediatly.


Good for the teacher!! My own child hears extreme profanity consistently at his middle school and I have had enough of teachers not doing anything about it. Pressing charges too much? I don't think so. The girl knew exactly what she was doing.

F Clark

Hub I disagree. Kids that come from the best family may turn out totaly diffrent from there up bring. Some of this comes from the invirment that these kids are around. Sometime just a whole lot of meaness.

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