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March 31, 2011


Nicholas Ringhof

In Australia we dont have capital punishment, and I'm not sure I agree with it. However I have been reading this site, and others for some time to understand where I sit on this. What is confusing, even disturbing is how much effort and anguish is poured out over how the inmate will die for his crimes. Let's remember, when fully proven, this guy is not in this situation because of parking fines. He took another's life, and at times brutally. I have no sympathy for his plight. Is capital punishment a deterrent? Obviously not. I guess it back to the motive of why a state uses the death penalty.

Judy Morris Cannedy

Capital punishment eliminates recidivism.

F D Qualls

I consider the death penalty to be the ultimate deterrent. That's one convicted murderer who will be deterred from killing a second or third time, if he hasn't already.


I don't think capital punishment is so much of a deterrent, either; but to me that is beside the point. I don't think that a deterrent for murder actually exists. At least, it doesn't seem to. I know people look at things in all kinds of ways. But, I believe capital punishment is a misnomer. I liken it to putting a rabid dog down, for lack of a more humane way to put it - i.e., euthanasia. Sadly, there are those people in the world that will never be of use to society, or themselves. Nor will their existence be benign. They are a detriment to society - and to themselves, as well. So, I think a "death sentence" is really weeding out those that will always be a detriment to society - to the point that they are destructive and evil. Now, the alternative would be to give them life without the possibility of parole. How would that be any less a condemnation of life than would be a death sentence? As awful as prison life is, and as tormented as most of these souls are, it seems to me that a life sentence without the possibility of parole is much less humane that putting someone to death; because you are saying that you want to subject them to torment and anguish for the rest of their days, which would often be for 30 or 40, or more years.

Kelly K.

I live in Texas and it is very difficult for me to get my brain around why we still use capital punishment. Texas leads the nation with almost of half the death penalties in the US happening in Texas. However, it has been shown that ragrdless of whether you are pro or anti Capital punshment, killing a person on death row costs more than keeping them in jaijl for life. I think that is enough of a reason to stop capital punishment. We're in a recession, it just makes sense.

sherri thomas

If the executions were carried out for those that are absolutely guilty, such as the Fort Hood soldier or the shooter of those in the Gifford's case, where there are witnesses and no doubts of their guilt, executions would be a deterrent. We should immediately execute, and not put the families of either side through the anguish. As for now, another 10 years to allow for appeals and the taxpayers cost for dental and health care, meals, and warm dry place to sleep, not so much a deterrent...


Anybody have any idea why ESPN was filming on the row last week?

Cathy Seras

For the person that thinks it cost too much to kill death row inmates. I would gladly pay for the drugs, that would get rid of the two low lifes that killed my brother. I can tell,

you have never felt the cost of a loved one being murdered.

Cathy Sears

The two guys that killed my brother were charged with capital murder. They were given a deal for admitting to the murder. The state of Texas is taking care of them.They will get out when they are in their 40's or 50's . they were 18 and 21 when they murdered my brother. I wish they were on death row and it was their turn.


Perhaps Capital Punishment won't deter murderers. But, if they're executed, they won't ever again perpetrate their violence on decent society.

David A. Bedford

Mistakes in convictions are all too common. Once an execution is carried out, it can't be called back. We should not have a single wrong execution on our account, but anyone who has in fact murdered should face a lifetime to ponder his guilt.

erin hutcheon


eleven years ago today, my penpal James Clayton was executed by lethal injection.
I was just 22 and at the time asked for all my letters to be returned. They never were.
i now work as a reporter in Derry, N ireland and on James' anniversray today i was thinking about him, and wondering if there were any contacts you had in Huntsville who could assist me with trying to get my proerty returned to me. I have all of james' letters - any help appreciated

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