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March 18, 2011


Billy Davis

Amazing how murderers from European countries get to come her and live while our neighbors to the south just want a better life and they are vilified.


It's mind-boggling that they can make it undetected and not even show up on as a criminal on a no-fly list, but yet many fine, standup Americans are on lists for no apparent reason. Just like we keep fighting an 8-year war and can't even find the so-called mastermind who is a taller than most Saudis, has a beard, and is on dyalisis. Simply nothing short of amazing. This story doesn't phase me. God help us all.

B Forrest

"our neighbors to the south just want a better life and they are vilified"

Our "visiting" neighbors from the south suck over 400 billion out of our economy every year in welfare. Their "better life" is at our expense. Coming to work is one thing, living off the dole should never be allowed

IKemo Sabe

The long arm of the law should go after all illegal aliens whether they are criminals or not. The criminals are subject to prosecution and those who crossed the southern border illegally should be returned home.

It is a crime to be illegal. Prosecute all criminals. End citizenship rights to those born to illegal aliens no matter the country of origin.
Encourage all to APPLY for citizenship

Wylie H.

@Billy Davis - Agreed. Although few will dare to admit it, immigration beliefs are heavily driven by how "white" the prospective immigrants appear.

Notch Johnson

If that's "lovely" then I look like Fabio.

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