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March 02, 2011



Absolutely, he should not get probation. Even if I don't look at his history (which I think should matter), the crime was serious. He didn't steal a CD from a record store. He broke in to someone's home and terrorized that person. He attacked and harmed a helpless man. How low do you go? I think he deserves a significant jail sentence (I would say 5 to 15 years.) As for his expression of remorse. Aren't they all "Sorry" when they have been caught and are facing jail time.


No probation. Throw the book at this scumbag. He's just lucky he didn't enter my house or this would not even be an issue. God Bless the Second Ammendment.


No parole, no probation. He wanted to be a gangsta.... let him learn how gangstas waste most of their lives behind bars.


My elderly parents were involved in a home invasion in 2005, and thank GOD were not physically harmed. Since that time this crime has increased greatly. My parents were not in any way disabled at the time but being in their 70s were basically defenseless versus any young person. This person was never caught. They wore a mask and were in an out of the house very quickly, having busted the back door down tearing it from the door frame in an instant. Given the circumstances it is suspected that the invader knew my parents and there habits and/or had been observing them. This would indicate that the act was premeditated and planned. Anyone who would PREY on the elderly or defenseless deserves the maximum sentence!!


Do the the time! 'Tollerant' County needs to crack down.


So if the police get the wrong house and do a home invasion...

Notch Johnson

Life without parole - no brainer.

Bob Lawrence

This young thug should spend considerable time in prison and no time off for any reason, serve it all.
He is lucky it wasn't my house. He wouldn't have to worry about jail time or anything else!


i was told that if i shoot at an intruder, i better shoot to kill otherwise the intruder can sue me? what on earth! Let's set some harsh punishment so that they know what the consequences are.


He should have already been put to death. There is no room in this world for someone who would do this type of crime!!!


Prison. Is there even a question?

Modern Man

Ten Years, followed by 83 years probation, sounds like about the right amount of time for home invasion. That would be mercy for this fine young specimen of a man. If he had shown no remorse, I would've held out for a life sentence.

Charles Kennedy

Life without parole is a little harsh, but life with the possibility of parole after 20 years sounds about right to me.

Frank S.

In the word's of the late Sammy Davis Jr. "Don't do the crime if you can't do the time, don't do it!"

Mary Armstrong

I think you have your answer Judge....just read the replies posted here.


Put him in jail for the maximum. That might motivate him to actually be remorseful when he gets out. We actually need more capital punishment in Texas so we do not use tax dollars to support people who are continually in trouble and make no effort to change.


He should definitely do some time for this. Breaking into someone's house is a serious crime, and the punishment should reflect that. It'll be interesting to see what the jury says.


Any Home Invasion Criminal deserves the maximum allowed by law. If you are the driver, if this is your first crime, if you are a career criminal. If nobody gets hurt, or if they do. You deserve the maximum NO PROBATION NO PAROLE SERVE ALL OF YOUR TIME DAY TO DAY. To be victimized is horrific. To be victimized in MY OWN HOME where I should feel the safest is unfathomable and you deserve to rot.

concerned citizen

You would be shocked at the amount of home invasion crimes are placed on deferred adjudication in Tarrant County. Absolutely shocked.


In a perfect world, he wouldn't have committed this and other crimes.

In a near-perfect world, he would be in prison or jail until he turned his attitude around or if his health deteriorated to the point where further incarceration was pointless. If his attitude was sincere but his self-control wasn't good enough to release OR if his attitude was good but he'd only been in prison a short time, then he would serve some additional time to get to the minimum or until his self-control improved, followed by a year in a locked halfway house 24/7 followed by a year living in a halfway house with a day pass followed by a year of very tight supervision but not confined to a halfway house followed by 2 more years of gradually-decreasing supervision.

BUT before he could move to the "next stage on the road to freedom" he would have to show at least 3 straight months of being "safe enough to move on without endangering the public" and he would always be subject to "going in reverse" if his attitude or self-control started going the wrong way.

In other words, if he's already sincerely repented today and he's already gotten his self-control under control, he'll serve a few years in prison followed by at least 5 years in less-restrictive-than-prison supervised environment.

If he decides to be an S.O.B. for the rest of his life, he gets to die behind bars.

If the statutory maximum was less than life then I would cut him loose at the maximum OR refer him to his county health department for mental-health-court supervision if he would be a danger to society if released without supervision.

If this had been a 1st offense and there had been very strong mitigating circumstances, I would've *considered* starting him off in a halfway house with a day pass. But that isn't this case. I say "consider" - 9 out of 10 first offender home-invasion perpetrators need at least SOME time behind bars.

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