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March 23, 2011



At a cockfight in California recently two people got killed after a dispute about a $10 bet. Cockfighters are violent people. It's not a surprise that cops hit these places with enough force to deter a violent response.


I'm betting it was just because he was hungry and heard there was chicken there


At a cockfight in California recently a chicken killed its owner. Chickens are violent animals. It's not a surprise that cops call in washed up action stars to ride in on tanks to deal with these vicious birds.


Steven Seagal is about as macho as Katie Seagal. Sheriff Joe kinda blew it getting hooked up with this idiot.

IKemo Sabe


Star-Telegram comment on Seagal: "aging action actor"

Don't kid yourself. This "aging" actor can take down 99.999% of your readers and probably 100% of your writers.

Never describe a skilled martial artist as aging. He has a sensei some where who is much older and is as highly skilled.


Who cares, he's still a dufuss.

Descendant of Samurai

If he was a true artist, he would not have had a domestic violence charge against him in the past. And as a Sensei, I reserve my opinion. I knew a True Sensei in Japan. He classified all of the arts here in the States as choreographed dance and those teaching as greedy. Not my words, his. He was a monk in his 80s when I knew him and anyone accomplished in the arts still has the ability to overtake those not trained. That's from first hand experience (receiving end). I know some will talk about people like Bruce Lee and such, but he had a true sense of teaching the proper mental exercises as I'm sure there are others not well known.


At a cockfight in California recently an egg went berserk and killed everyone there. Chicken eggs are violent pre-animals. It's not a surprise that people crack eggs open to deter a violent breakfast.


Oh, thank ghod this wasn't in Jeff.

Seagal...jesus h.

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