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April 06, 2011



What's next? Tase a 4 month old because they're colicky and wont be quiet at daycare? This has just gone too far now. If a Police Officer is so afraid to take on an 8 year old with a piece of wood without pepper spray or other implement, we are all in deep trouble.


Pepper spray the mother


Just a thought...if a strong police officer had just gone up to him, picked him up and wrenched the piece of wood from him, would he have been excused from duty for assaulting a child? We have gone too far as to the limits of handling children. No one can even touch a child now. If they had just cornered him and made it impossible for him to escape until he released the wood, it would be unlawful imprisonment. To top it off, the media immediately jump in and make it nationwide news. I did not see the program but I'm willing to bet they came down on the side of the child rather than be impartial. This kid is now a hero in his town.


Odds are the parents are divorced. Kids that age are "monkey see, monkey do" mentality. Meaning he has seen or been around that type of behavior before in his life.
Cops get a TOTAL thumbs down for this and should be punished..... Scared of an 8 yr old.......really pathetic.

Alex S

What's bugging me about this is that this isn't the first time it happened. If he's been violent twice before and the police have been involved before, you'd think they would have done something to prevent it from happening again. It's also disturbing how they have nothing to say about the mom. Kids don't misbehave out of nothing: either they're not teaching him how to control himself or he learns from example.

@Jeanne : The interview I've saw on the Today Show as well as an article I read on Denver Westword Blog were pretty impartial about it. In fact, they were good at emphasizing the role of the kid as someone with anger issues. But I definitely agree, the laws have gone a bit too far in protecting children. I don't condone corporal punishment but I was spanked occasionally as a kid and I grew up just fine.

Notch Johnson

The officers did the right thing. The kid himself said he deserved it.

L Commander

I have a problem with schools calling the police because they can't/won't deal with a situation when it involves children who are undisciplined. Parents are even calling for police on such children. I have 4 children and 2 grandchildren and there were times I would have liked to ask for help but thought it was my place to deal with them. Silly me!


If the kid didn't get hurt by the pepper spray, what's the big deal ?? Cops have it hard enough, we shouldn't be second guessing their actions in an inconsequential incident.


I do not judge the officers at all. However, it would depend on just how much effort was made into communicating with the child. Did the child feel threatened or ganged up on? I can think of some scenarios that the child could believe that he was being threatened and no adult they trusted was helping them.


Other articles I've read indicate that the teachers and school were so petrified with fear over being sued for even touching this out of control brat (whos parents naturally blame "mild autism" for his wild violent outbursts) that they felt they had no choice.

Spingle Stein

By all means, pepper-spray! A threat is a threat, regardless of the age of the miscreant who is doing the threatening. The parents should have been brought in and pepper-sprayed too. This is what liberals and their "mainstreaming" of disruptive and educationally incompetent children has brought us.


To those wondering why the officer didn't try to take the wooden stick from the boy. What if the officer decided to do that and the boy got bruised up and hurt? That would've caused a major uproar.

Don't be fooled

Reveilletx...I sure hope you haven't sound kid's idiot mother


Personally, I would have Tasered the little sucker. Perhaps he could deal with his anger issues more peacefully the next time, knowing that he'd get 50K volts through his little butt if he didn't.



Anna Hawkins

With a threat like that, the kid was not acting 8 years old. If he is not going to act like he is 8, he does not have to be treated like he is 8. The cop did the right thing. That was the safest response the cop could have when a child is threatening to kill people. Don't think he's just an innocent 8 year old if he admits to meaning he wanted to kill the cops.

Ann Leo

are you guys aware that this story is stuck at the top of the page? at first i thought maybe ya'll were on vaction until i saw new stories on the telegram site...


Police man are for people's help..Even they is so afraid to take on an 8 year old with a piece of wood without pepper spray or other implement,than it will a point to threatened...

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