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April 20, 2011



This is exactly why it would be nice if everyone was packing a gun


Bring a gun, PERFECT, that way instead of a missing wallet being the problem, there would be dead people. Brilliant.


No Crime = No Need for Guns! Hold your breath tillo that happens. The police cannot protect you from crime, they only write reports and investigate crime.


Exactly! If one of them would have had a gun, then there might have been a dead criminals. A missing wallet is a bigger problem than dead punks and thugs.

More than likely upon seeing a gun the punks and thugs would have ran away, and there would have been no crime

Non Lethal Self Defense Weapons

A gun may have prevented the robberies, but stray bullets can kill inocent people as well.

I prefer non lethal weapons like stun guns, etc.

No one was ever accidentally killed by a stray stun gun from half a block away.

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