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April 19, 2011


John from Texas

Maybe this kid heard about our Texas legislature making guns on campuses legal and wanted to be one of the first to comply. Brilliant idea all around.
It's actually pathetic, this obsession with firearms.


The NRA believes This accident could have been avoided if ALL kindergarteners were allowed to carry guns in school.

Travis from Texas

The obsession with firearms isnt what is pushing the guns on campus bill, it is the want to be able to protect ones self if and unfortunatly when something happens like in the past. We cannot help that an irresponsible person and yes this time I will blame the parents did not secure the firearm away from the child. I do believe there is a place for firearms in a campus environment IF there is SPECIAL TRAINING and CERTAIN CRITERIA that is MANDATORY for ALL PERSONS that carry on campus. There is a BIG difference between an irresponsible parent letting there child get to a firearm and then letting them make it to school with it and a person that has met the criteria and requirements of the state and is a responsible adult. I think that before a person gets all flustered about having a firearm around they should go to a basic firearm course and be introduced to a firearm in a controlled environment so that they can get comfortable with them and see that and I quote "guns kill people like spoons made rosie odonell fat."(I dont know how to spell her name)I know that is a dumb quote but how basic do you need it,there is a person behind the firearm that made the decision to pull the trigger not the firearm making the decision.

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