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May 17, 2011



Nice story.

Mario Balderas

What a great gesture by such a heart filled little girl. Her father must be very proud.

Richard Salazar Jr

KK, you are an amazing Young Lady! I'm sure your Daddy is looking down smiling proudly. I know I'm proud of you.


This is an awesome story. Hank was a great Officer and even better friend. He is greatly greatly missed. His children are growing in their fathers footsteps and Teresa has done a wonderful job raising them. RIP Hank....Happy Birthday!!


Great story!

John Barker

What an outstanding story and gesture. There are so many negative stories it is great to read one that is postive and honors those in law enforcement for what they do on a daily basis. God bless her, her family, and those in law enforcement.

C. Hurd

Such a touching story. KayLeigh I know your dad would have been so proud of you and the gestrue you made to these officers. My god bless you every day!


What an awesome story and sweet girl. Way to "pay it forward".

Michael Hoyle, Lt., Great Lakes Police Department

Coming from a young lady who must have been about 9 when her Dad was killed, this is the most awesome tribute which could have been given these officers. I know it was a tremendous testimony to a daughters love for her father. I doubt I'll hear a complaint when I say KayLeigh, you have the undying respect and thanks of Police Officers everywhere for your act. Your Dad is surely proud. And we are too.

J Alley

Your gesture is priceless, tu Papi te ama.


I have a friend who does that on occasion when he sees a police officer eating in the same restaurant...wish more people would do it to thank the PD officers/Firemen/soliders for all they do. Such a simple act of kindness.


Officer Nava and his family not only gave of themselves for the good of society, the family is also of the highest quality. This young lady has a bright future and I am certain that her dad would be so proud of her in every way possible.

Magalie Hall

Bless you

Just a citizen . . .

Wonderful story !!! . . . what a wonderful young lady . . . Thank you to all of our officers and Officer Nava is smiling down from Heaven with pride and joy on what a special young lady his daughter is . . . Gives me hope in our future generation!

Mike K.

Amazing! there is a young lady that was raised properly. Her dad would (and, from above, is) very proud of her. God rest your soul Officer Nava.

Denny Rec

What a beautiful story of a fallen officer's daughter. That said a lot about the fifteen year old in so many ways.


KayLeigh you are a real sweetheart, with a heart of gold. I know your proud Dad is smiling down on you from Heaven.

Sgt. Gerardo D. Chavez L.P.D.

Oh what a priceless citizen and daughter of a fallen hero and brother officer. Many times during my thirty year career as a law enforcement officer this has happened to me from greatful citizens but not from the daughter of a fallen brother and I bet those officers did not have a dry eye among them and that was the tastiest meal they ever had!!May GOD continue to bless you and your family!!

James A

The father of this girl lives on in the generosity of his daughter. No finer tribute can be given to a man or woman than the acts of kindness and generosity of their children. This 15-year old will grow up to become a valued person and citizen.

sharon williams

This is so touching and thoughtful.We can all learn from this. We need to take the time to say thank you! Thank you Star-Telegram for looking for the positive things that make our lives richer and more fuller. Be blessed young lady we appreciate the find job and service your father offered.

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