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May 10, 2011


Misty Barnes

Was it a Moutain Lion or a Cougar?
Was it male or female?

Someone needs to proff read these articles before posting tham online!

Vickie Holbrook

Someone needs to "proff" read your comment!!!

Psycho Steve

Why did they kill it? There's no way it could have harmed the liberal messiah...

Notch Johnson

I see the wildlife hates Obama too.

Maria Blakely

Mountain lions & cougars are the same animal, just as are catamounts and panthers.


you can use both mountain lion or cougar here in texas.. even puma!

Thomas Sullivan

Whatever it was, be it mountain lion or cougar, its life was infinitely more important than Obama's visit. What a shame...


The story says it was female.
The cougar is also known as a puma, mountain lion, mountain cat, catamount or panther. It's all the same animal depending on the region.


Misty, Cougars are sometimes referred to as Mountain Lions. And it says in the article it was female. Also, you need to proof read you're own comments before you criticize this article.


I think that killing it with lethal force was a bit excessive. It's a shame to say but it seems EP officers are getting a bit trigger happy. We have seen multiple incidents where lethal force is unnecessary. Albeit a big cougar, there should've been either a larger dose given or been given more time for it to take effect. From footage taped, I did not see the need to kill it.

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