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May 31, 2011



I think it is pretty disgusting that the FW police have to babysit these kids!!!! Why aren't the parents keeping these young children at home?!?! It is THEIR job, not the police!


The penalty for violating curfew ought to be that they have to spend their weekends picking up all the litter and garbage on Ft. Worth streets!

I grew up in Ft. Worth and moved to the west coast in the late 1980's. I was in town back in March of this year and drove across Ft. Worth from Azle to Everman using the Hwy 199 - University Drive -Seminary Drive -Wichita Street route and the entire city was a filthy mess! From one end to the other!

I couldn't believe what a garbage dump the place is. Even along University where it passes by the museums and Trinity Park; which I thought was supposed to be Cowtown's big pride and joy!

I was also appalled at what a slum the entire east side of town has become. You might as well draw a line down I-35 and just bulldoze everything east of the line!

The city should be ashamed! Spending all that money on museums, equestrian arenas and sprucing up downtown so it looks like Disneyland and then letting the rest of the place go to hell!

What an embarrassment!

All I can say is that I'm glad I don't live there anymore.

Richard D Carnley Sr.

When I was a teenager I had to live with a cerfew. It was enforced by my Father. It was 12 midnight(not 1201)
He always said, "Nothing is going on after midnight I needed to be involved in." He was right.
I did the same thing with my children.


The only problem with the curfew age is that it stops at 17 . Between 17 and 18 there is no curfew but they are still consider a minor and the parents are still responsible for their actions. The curfew needs to extend to 17 year olds as well or let them be responsible for their own actions. The way it is a 17 year old is exempt.

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