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May 04, 2011


Jes Mendez


Angela Barbour

Don't they have anything better to do?

Faithbeliever Hagger

At what cost, and look like they would be glad he is in a homeless shelter.


And if he had offended again while moved from that location the comments would not be "Don't they have anything better to do?", but, "Why didn't police stop this guy?".

Frannie T

Ms. Barbour, you wouldn't think this is such a waste of time if one of your children was molested.

Josh 34

Yeah, don't they have anything better to do than keep up with sex offenders?! (sarcasm)

Brenda S.

My question is, why did the police consider a dumpster as a place of residence in the first place? This makes me wonder about their intellegence.


I don't know enough about the case to make a whole lot of comment. However, you have to believe that the cost of putting him in some type of public housing has to be cheaper than sending him to jail at 40 grand a year.

Justin M

You assume he molested someone... he could easily be a sex offender for urinating in public.

Burn out

As ridiculous as this story seems, the officers were just doing their job. There are no exceptions especially when it involves a homeless sex offender. They are not trained to be social workers. If this man lives under a bridge or in a dumpster, they must use that.

Unfortunately, sex offenders are ineligible for public and Section 8 housing no matter their degree of violence. Let's not assume all Sex Offenders are Child Molesters either. He could of easily been some clueless guy with a psycho girlfriend who wanted revenge on him.

I am wondering if the man has a Probation officer and why they are not on top of this man's where a bouts.

Also, It was my belief that homeless shelters can not accept Sex Offender's because there are children present in some of these facilities. They could have done a better job to investigate and advise this man.

They need a better screening process and know who this man was before accepting him. They should have advised him right away to report his status.

Bottom Line: This could have been prevented.

this man goes back to prison
waste of our tax dollars
more money in the pockets of stinking rich prison owner.

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