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May 13, 2011



I think it's a hilarious concept

Notch Johnson

I'm upset because none of them are hot.


How anyone could even begin to think of a woman who molests children as "hot" is beyond me.

disgusted in Denton

I think it's revolting. If you look at that list, and look at the crimes and the ages of the victims (esp. the woman who was convicted of aggravated sexual assault on a TWO YEAR OLD!), how can you find it "a hilarious concept"--such as the commentator called "matt." SICK!


As a grown man who was sexually abused by a woman when I was a child, I am astonished at the depth of ignorance portrayed by the author and commenters who find this amusing. My message to you: Maybe if it were your child you would see things differently. Then maybe not as your ignorance has already been demonstrated...


I am with Jim, posting that article was a bad decision.

quynston allen

I agree with Jim, this shows a lack of proffesional sensitivity to all the unknown and unheard of victims of sexual predators. May GOD have mercy on our society.


WOW! these are sick sick sick women ... the sole though of the crimes theyve committed make them ugly! there is nothing beautiful about these women! No-one who has committed such crime should be praised in ANY way, including having such compliment as being called ""HOT"" UNBELIEVABLE!! sickening!!!

Jive Kata

I think we all have more important things to be outraged over.

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