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June 28, 2011



Kathy why isn't the S-T covering the story???


WFAA is covering it also.

eleanor vann

why do the FBI alway investigate people who tell the true? why are'nt they investigating Cheapeake oil along with the other crooks who are stealing Texas citizens royalty checks for year. This is the federal b. of investigations, lets get the real criminal federal and local.

James A

JWP's reach has finally exceeded his grasp. He made some members of the Dallas Power Structure mad and there was enough accumulated "evidence" to shift the investigation from suspicion to hard evidence. The FBI seizure of the boxes of materials will be evaluated. Should be interesting.
Of course, if evidence is sufficient for indictment or indictments, the blacks will scream racism.

Tom Schneider

Price is not a City official. He is a county commisioner. I fail to see why anything that occurs will "tear the city apart!"
If facts are found that tend to prove that Price has violated federal law, he will be indicted, arrested and tried by a jury. If the facts don't support that, no formal charges will be brought!
Price is certainly entitled to his day in Court! Don't we all support the inherent fairness in this system of justice?


Hey Startlegram, this is an example of reporting that doesn't cater to local government. Not sure anyone there could identify such a thing.

Wylie H.

The Dallas Morning News should report on why it had buried its head in the sand over all this kind of stuff going on in Dallas County for the last 20 years.

John P

Not impressed with the DMN's coverage. Groomer's article is shallow and inaccurate. Black folks in Dallas aren't going to do squat. Mainstream Media also speculated the city would be torn apart when Al and Don Lipscomb were indicted. Please. I have seen the 990's for Kwanzafest. He has major problems explaining a lot of holes in the forms. He also is going to have problems explaining paying for a bunch of stuff out of his campaign fund, real estate deals, car purchases, relationship to Ross Perot, his tax returns and the 100 thousnad in a safe at his home. This is going to make the Don Hill scandal look like preschool crimes. "Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutlely." He is the poster child for term limits.


Restating Rick's question: why isn't ST reporting on this? Very strange.


My question was deleted. That's ok. I know why the ST isn't reporting on the JWP case. ;-)


Still hearing crickets from FWST on this growing investigation. Wonder what we'll hear when it makes it's way to FW? More silence? Noise intended to create a diversion? Or wails claiming persecution and political motivations? We'll see ;-)

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