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June 23, 2011


Josef Stalino

Like Reno 911, almost.


Negligent discharge...not an accident. he was negligent while handling a loaded weapon.

Javier Moreno

Reno 911!


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Which means only those of this suposedly unbaised report choose not to censor. You ever wonder why NOBODY post comments on your stories, heres your sign!

Notch Johnson

Quick, somebody take Barney's bullets away.


someone needs some 'refresher' training on handling weapons it seems...


Where is the bias in the 4 sentences we can all read?

John Q

@ Denny: 100% correct on your part. One of the first things I was taught in the police academy was to unload the weapon FIRST and then check it again to make sure it was unloaded before cleaning, inspecting, or doing anything else to it. Both this officer and his FTO should be punished for this mishap. Otherwise poor the poor training and habits will continue.


And he returned to duty the next day?? Really?? Perhaps he should have been re-trained on how to use a gun! I guess the small backwoods town of Reno really needed him. He's probably one of 2 cops in that town. Hope I don't ever need the assistance of the Reno police department unless I'm in Nevada.


Why is this article lingering on the lower middle front page since June 23rd?

Let the article regarding the 15 year old child pimped by the adult remain on the front page - remind us of ourselves. Maybe we can strive to be something better.


Its been lingering on just to let us know how dumb law enforcement are


FWST reports a non-local, non-newsworthy incident three days AFTER it happened & now, 18 days later, it is STILL front page online? What a joke of a newspaper ...

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