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June 20, 2011



It's amazing how many people think yelling over a cell phone in a public place can be a private conversation! I am fed up with hearing other people's "private" conversations.

Alfreda Rodgers

'Well-educated' woman on subway gets too loud, profane on cellphone: Well they do on Facebook also only it is typed instead of speech. Very rude, no respect for others.

Sandra Pring

An Educated person isnt taught that humility goes hand in hand with a good education. Education also doesn't mean that the person has much if any common sense either..Most of the newly educated adults I have met, seem to not only feel intitled to do as they please, they do it at the expense of others. They have a me first attitude and a very rude behavior that makes their education seem irrevalant and lacking.


TO quote my father " any idiot can read a book." Which means just because you can understand what you read does NOT mean you are smart. TOO BAD we can not take all the EDUCATED IDIOTS out of the system and put in AMERICANS with street smart common sense in their place.

wait~ i read the article about common sense being DEAD
apparently respect for others is next.

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Yes, educated persons are talking more on the cellphone. I am doing a job and there is my work of tel-calling. So I have spend a lot of time at mobile.

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