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July 28, 2011



While I am saddened to hear of this terrible crime against a beautiful creature, I am disgusted that the Star-Telegram would choose to display such a gruesome picture of the animal. PLEASE remove or at least display a warning to viewers.


I agree. The picture was not necessary. Somebody getting there kicks at using this beautiful horse for target practice.


Yes, I'm with the previous commenter. The photo is unnecessary.


i am glad the true picture was shown.
perhaps the previous person would rather it all be hidden, swept under the table, not even reported, minimized or at least made hard or impossible to get to.


"a picture is worth a thousand words" - thx

Notch Johnson

Sorry, I thought it was a deer.

Hutch Hutchins (Fort Worth)

I'm glad the Star Telegram has the balls to show the World what some sick'o crazed people are capable of doing to a beautiful horse, keep up the honest reporting, hopefully this will help catch these low life cowards and bring them to justice!!!!

Suzette Watkins

I'm glad the picture is shown! Pictures show the truth!

Hillary W. Crossposter

I too am glad that they showed the picture. Maybe they should have issued a warning, but people need to see this. They need to realize that this happens all too often. Glad that Star-Telegram has the balls to show it and report on it.


Posting the picture is a good thing. If you don't like it don't look.

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