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July 24, 2011



Um, why couldn't the feds hand these guys off to the state authorities?

By the way, selling a single fake driver's license in and of itself probably should be a 6-month-or-less misdemeanor.

However, selling a fake driver's license to someone who you know will abuse it in a certain way should have a penalty that tracks the likely abuse. If you sell one to a 20 year old who is likely to use it to buy alcohol, the penalty should be up to 6 months in prison plus civil liability for any alcohol-related crime he commits before age 21. If he sells one to a 20 year old KNOWING the guy will buy alcohol he should get the same penalty as a person who buys alcohol for a minor.

If you knowingly sell a driver's license to a drug lord, you should share liability for any crimes the drug lord commits that he used the license for. Of course, in the case of a sting, that number is zero, so you would be left with the original misdemeanor sentence and be able to thank your lucky stars you got caught early.


Is that all? Well I guess more people will be selling fake drivers license.


Maritza De Leon? Imagine that.


I almost agree with the above statement. I think selling a FAKE drivers license should be a felony. KNOWINGLY selling one should be seen as an act of terrorism. ANYONE WHO WOULD BE TRYING TO BUY A FAKE ID HAS NO INTENTION OF DOING GOOD.
The only stipulation should be for people needing a fake id to get away from an abusive ex or other life threatening situations.

J Cox

Unbelievable! A drivers license is not just an ID certifies that this person has passed a drivers exam and should be safe to drive on public roads. A person selling one to a purported drug cartel member should have been charged with criminal conspiracy. This sentence is outrageous and action should be taken by the legislature to make sure that DPS workers know that the penalty for doing this is high....a minimum of 10 years in prison.

Steven Baker

Sixty days? Boy we showed her! She'll never cross the line again. Crime as we know it is over due to the fear of punishment.....

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