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July 23, 2011



We Canadians realize that Texans can't even go to Starbucks without packing a weapon, but if you come to visit us in Canada, please leave them at home.

Handguns are not welcome in Canada, which is why so many fewer Canadians than Americans die from gunshot wounds.

Most Canadians think your right to walk around with weapons is absurd; no other modern country in the world allows this nonsense.

Mr Cross found out the hard way, and now has a $10,000 fine and some days in jail to show for it.

The Canadian media noted that Mr Cross and a relative charged with the same offense were very cavalier about the guns, seeing nothing wrong with packing them around.

Sorry, Canada is not an extension of the US, so please learn something about respecting the neighbours and don't bring your guns into Canada.


Kim, then please respect your neighbours here in Canada and do not speak for others! You might be surprised that handguns are indeed welcome in Canada, we don't think the right to carry firearms is absurd, and the legally held firearms in Canada have nothing to do with people expiring from gunshot wounds!

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