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August 01, 2011



Why was a wagon on a highway?


Were is my comment. Why does it never post?


sorry don't usually comment but why is a waggon / horse any different than a motorcycle / bike / pedestrian or another vehicle....just because it is not a 4 wheel vehicle we don't hve to notice it ? come on...use your eyes the vehicle you drive is a loaded weapon if you don't keep control of it and why would someone run into something from behind unless sleeping texting or overall not paying attention - if you cannot dedicate the required attention PLEASE PARK IT AND GET OFF THE ROAD TIL YOU CAN ....


He was in the middle of the freeway at 10:40 pm in a horse drawn carriage. I wonder at what point he thought that would be a good idea. Now many people and lives are destroyed and saddened by this tragic event which could have easily been avoided. This is so sad.

Stroke Moremeat

Seriously, keep your junk, including bicycles, off the road. The roads are scary enough in a full-sized vehicle, let alone in some rickety pile of junk that offers no protection. Another unnecessary tragedy.

Texan in Georgia

Such a tragic event but at what point did it ever sound like a good idea to get a horse drawn carriage out on a highway???? I'm guessing top speed for this wagon loaded with people was between 5 and 10 mph and a semi traveling at an approximate speed of at least 55 mph. Fatal error in judgement on the wagon driver.


Well this my family that past in this crash they did this all the time there were two semis the first one seen them and went around radioed to the second driver but he didn't care the driver that hit them never bothered to stop. He admitted to the police that he clearly saw them. This isn't his first crash he got into. The wagon had reflect tors and lights. It wasn't in the middle of the highway.

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