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August 05, 2011


Belinda Garza

In my opinion, this should be a major news story, not hidden under crime time with a little "blurb". It seems that trivial stories will be posted all over, yet a story regarding a man entrusted with all sorts of power and in a position such is this, who is participating in horrific sexual abuse of children, is relegated to a "maybe" read section of the newspaper. Star-Telegram, where are your priorities? And please, feel free to correct me if I have assessed this wrongly.

Keri Rogers

It is even worse than that. There is child porn and then there is this nightmare called "Dreamboard". Which was the pornography, exploitation, and torture of children of an age not to exceed 12. In some cases infants. TORTURE.

16,000 DVDs. MILLIONS of images. ALL MADE BY THE MEMBERS. Over 600 members. Over 13 countries on 5 continents.

(It hit mainstream news on my 27th birthday.I will NEVER forget this horror.)

Operation Delego received MINIMAL news coverage at best. I don't even know a word to describe such a repulsive... thing. Words fail me. I pray for the children.

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