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September 02, 2011



Nice to see that society has evolved so well in recent years.

Arthur Ronzafelli

please have mercy on my dad..he's really a nice guy and all when he's around white people.


This confession is a phony as a 3 dollar bill--or any other 'bill' put out by the Federal Reserve System, for that matter.

Stroke Moremeat

Hate-crimes laws are an absolute usurpation of the equal protection clause; beat up whitey, get probation. Beat up one of the protected class, do hard time!

suicide clean up

Even if he is a really nice guy, he can't ran away with what he did. He is involved of the arson church..Its too bad why he think that way to burn the church which is sacred and the home of our God.. :( This is his punishment for what he did.


why cant folks just get along and live life and relax ya know?

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