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September 27, 2011


Carla Johnson

That vehicle looks like a chrysler.


That looks more like a Subaru, not a Honda.

Joe bob

This is why we need stricter security around our borders so we can prevent senseless crimes like this one. I say deport them.

JIm Merritt

Now this is one of the most stupid crimes of all times. Unless they steal Cigs or beer just how much cash can they expect to get? Most of these types of stores only keep 20.00 to 30.00 cash. The rest is dropped into a safe that the clerks can not open.

Concerned for Humanity/Stupidity

Um.....@ Joe Bob....Seriously??!! You are embarrassing me, and I don't even know you. YOU SAY: "This is why we need stricter security around our borders so we can prevent senseless crimes like this one. I say deport them." THE ARTICLE READS: "Both suspects are white. The first suspect is described as 18 to 21 years old, 6 feet tall, light skinned, blond hair and blue eyes." And....there is even a picture to accompany the description. So I ask you, kind sir...WHERE DO YOU WANT US TO DEPORT THEM? And what security tactics shall we enhance to keep these two white kids out of our borders? Please tell me you were drunk when you made your comment.


Where do you want to deport these two white guys to Joe?


ok, they had cellphones, one should be able to triangalate their position and at what time, this should be simple.

P.C.-ness run amuck

The newspaper gleefully announces it's two WHITE males. Yay t's whites. Oh Happy Days....we can print the color of 'em. It's ok. It's P.C IF their white.

There's a story the same day in the same newspaper about a B L A C K criminal. A one man crime wave they called him. But....they don't say what color his skin is. WHY? Why not? Oh's not P.C. to say b l a c k, or any other color but white. Luckily there's a picture of his (b l a c k) face as he stupidly stares right at the security camera. Gotcha buddy! Thank goodness for that camera or we'd not have much of a description to go on as we're on the lookout for the 1-man crime wave.

The story incidentally has disabled comments. But here it is for those who care:

Northeast Tarrant
1-man crime wave wanted in string of North Texas robberies
Posted Thursday, Oct. 06, 2011 Updated Thursday, Oct. 06, 2011
By Mitch Mitchell Fort Worth Star-Telegram
By Mitch Mitchell

FORT WORTH – Police are looking for a one-man crime wave who is suspected in numerous robberies in Fort Worth and surrounding cities during the past six weeks.

Police in Fort Worth say they believe the suspect may be responsible for robbing as many as 15 stores in Fort Worth. The suspect uses a gun in these robberies and is considered dangerous, a Fort Worth police spokeswoman said.

Police in Bedford say they believe the suspect robbed a convenience store on Pipeline Road on Monday and is thought to be the robber who has hit about a dozen stores in Fort Worth, Bedford and Hurst in the past eight weeks.

About noon Monday, the man walked into D&S Food Mart, 1501 E. Pipeline Road, and asked the clerk for items behind the clerk, police said. When the clerk turned back around, the man was holding a pistol and demanded money from a cash register, police said. After getting the money, the robber ran off.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Detective J. Lamond in Robbery at 817- 392-4378 or Crime Stoppers at 817-469-8477.

All calls are confidential and information leading to the suspect's arrest will result in a reward. Those with information can also call Bedford police at 817-952-2127.

Read more:

Christina Ramos

I'm sure Joe Bob's comment was SARCASTIC...
"This is why we need stricter security around our borders so we can prevent senseless crimes like this one. I say deport them."

Posted by: Joe bob

Because that is usually peoples solution when a crime is committed by any other race.


me thinks Joe Bob was using something called sarcasm. Lighten up Francis.

Lt. Dangle



Deport white people.

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