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September 22, 2011


Robert Smithee

Why should a criminal condemned to death be rewarded with a special meal, or a meal at all for that matter? This practice is just plain stupid.


While I find the whole discussion of last meal requests somewhat fascinating, I agree that this has gone way too far. Did these criminals give their victims time to eat a nice meal before they killed them? I would think not. Even if some humanitarian groups opts to let them have a nice meal before the execution, the list of food I see above is rediculous and excessive. No one would eat all that, and this guy didn't eat any. What a waste (in many ways). He was part of one of the most heinous crimes in Texas history. I just wonder why it took so long to finally see justice done.

Mark Wellman

I will keep this short and sweet.I guess he is not concerned about his cholesterol level.


Stroke Moremeat

Chicken-fried steak and ice cream for dragging another human being to death behind a pickup truck. Sure, that made a lot of sense.

John Q

They're on death row for a reason. Why feed them at all???

Alberto Knox

"Texas '86's' special last meals"
then '86's' inmate.


One of the most inhumane violent offenses in our state!!!!And He wants to have a special last meal?Well It is with my greatest respect by saying this,NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lt. Dangle

No Peach Cobbler? Now THAT is ain't right!


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